The smarter way to fuel

Gas Valet 2.0 is new and improved. There are a few more reasons to love us.


Customers can now place snack orders in the app. A snack order means a store run. Store runs lead to larger tips.

Curbside Delivery

Even when customers do not get gas, you can still help them. Delivering snacks curbside is another opportunity to earn.

Hands-Free Fueling

Our bread and butter. Customers can fill up from their driver's seat. It is safe, clean, and convenient.

Pay with Cash

Customers can pay with either cash or card. This feature allows you to service all customers and increase your earnings.

Uniform Drip

Don't like the V-Neck? Rather have a Polo? How about shorts instead of cargo pants? No problem. Order from our online store.

Unlimited Pay

We've changed the pay structure so that you get paid for every transaction you complete. Are you a top performer? It will show up in your paycheck. No cap.

Weekly Payroll

We understand how important it is to get paid. Our strategic partner, Gig Wage, makes it easy to get paid every Friday via direct deposit.

Sound Good?